Project Space

The Project Space is the place for students to take what they’ve learned in the Member Learning Space and consolidate that learning through ownership of projects aimed at addressing systemic issues. It is made up of 2 parts: Portfolios and the Project Incubator.


Portfolios consist of multiple, similar-themed projects that recur annually. Our 4 Portfolios include:

Global Engineering

Political Advocacy

Youth Engagement

Equitable Food Systems

Project Incubator

This year, we have added a new component to the Project Space called the Project Incubator. The Project Incubator is a space for any U of T student to pitch for financial and project management support for a self-started, innovative initiative. The ultimate goal is to build a sustainable space that nurtures and accelerates growth of social change ideas to expand our organization’s impact into untapped areas.

Current projects include:

  • Project Martial SMARTS
  • Case Competition
  • GE Week (in collaboration with the GE portfolio)
  • Fair Trade Campus Certification
  • Community Engagement Project (in collaboration with Project Include)