Community Learning

Running weekly learning sessions and other events throughout the year, the Community Learning Space strives to create a community of open-minded and thoughtful students, who think critically about global issues and have the resources and abilities to learn on their own. The goal is for students to learn about development and grow together as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and socially conscious leaders. It consists of the following areas of study:

What is Development?

This module covers the history of international development, development theory and the factors that influence the development of a country.

Development Abroad: The EWB Approach

This module explores Engineers Without Borders as an organization, highlighting its history, values and approach to development and leadership. It also presents alternative approaches to international development for comparison.

Development in Canada

This module focuses on Canada’s role in international development and local issues pertaining to Canada’s development as a country. The module also highlights the initiatives that EWB UofT partakes in to address the root causes of development issues.

Leadership and Personal Development

This module focuses on developing leadership skills and highlights different avenues to pursue a career in international development.

Current Events

This module analyzes the current events occurring in the world. The module is purposely open-ended to allow for members to present topics that are not covered in the rest of the curriculum.

Failing Forward

This module focuses on analyzing risks worth taking, understanding the causes of failure, and reacting and regrouping after failure.

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