Cyber Ethics and Digital Rights

The Cyber Ethics and Digital Rights Portfolio (CEDR) is a new addition to the University of Toronto Chapter of Engineers Without Borders. The inspiration behind this new portfolio comes from a desire to challenge the notion that engineering work, and tech development more broadly, is an apolitical discipline. We hope to demonstrate that the development of technology is an inherently political practice that requires input from legal scholars, philosophers, activists, and technical experts, among many others. 

This year, we are excited to be launching:

  1. A Transparency and Accountability/App Development project which aims to develop a digital best practices guide for using online services, made for students and by students in an accessible format
  2. A Freedom of Speech/Machine Learning project which aims to work with the Citizen Lab to develop a machine learning model to categorize and analyze keywords and phrases censored on Chinese social media.
  3. Maker Empowerment/Drone Design project which aims to create an “Ethical Drone” and document its creation to make tech more accessible to the general public.

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