Junior Fellows

The Junior Fellowship program is a four month overseas placement working in one of EWB’s many ventures.

Prior to the placement, the volunteer is expected to prepare by reviewing all necessary materials, attending national conference, and participating in pre-departure trainings, all the while continuing to be a contributing member in the chapter. After the four month overseas placement, the returning Junior Fellow will be required to fulfill the remainder of the program’s objective by staying with the chapter for at least one more year to share valuable learning with the community and mentor the future Junior Fellow.

This placement focuses on building great leaders while providing members with the opportunity to create impact overseas. We recognize that four months is a short time to provide lasting impact in a developing country, so our volunteers are encouraged to return to the chapter and community to raise awareness and knowledge, perhaps providing the greatest impact at home.

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Read the stories of our past fellows below:

David Boroto

David is sometimes known by his engineering community alter ego ‘Black Dave’ and you will see him gleefully dropping his pants on command. David’s actions are driven by an intense love for and dedication to his community. He dreams of dedicating his life to working in an African country doing civil engineering and infrastructure work. Consequently, he spent this past summmer working on a bridge project in Guatemala!

“The values I have today I gained from observing my father, who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite emigrating to South Africa in 1991, my father still invests in the development of his birth country. In other words, after finding success for himself in another country, he now seeks to ensure people in his home country have the opportunity to succeed as well. As a result, I strongly believe in the power of giving back; the power of recognizing my own privilege and using it to empower others.”

David worked at Kwangu Kwako in Nairobi, Kenya! Check out his blog here.

Egg n’ Bread in Ghana


Haroon spent the summer of 2016 volunteering in Accra, Ghana for MBC Africa – an organization striving to accelerate the growth of the agribusiness sector in West Africa through business training, technical advisory, and youth in agriculture training programs. Haroon kept the Chapter up-to-date on his reflections through his blog posts.

Christine & Boxing Numidas – Adventures in Kampala


In the summer of 2016, Christine worked with Numida Technologies in Kampala, Uganda. Christine volunteered as a hodgepodge of positions (Marketing & Communications intern, Product Development Manager, and User Adoption & Engagement Growth intern), loving every second of working as part of a team in a small startup & social enterprise. Tap into Christine’s stream of consciousness while working & living in Kampala through her blog posts.

Anam’s summer in Ghana


In the summer of 2014, Anamjit, Chapter co-president for the 2014/2015 term, made his way to Ghana to consult for Kona, a local cashew processing company, as part of the BDS team. He updated us with his experiences through his blog posts.

A Summer in Malawi


In the summer of 2012, Gabe was enjoying his time in Malawi and updating us with blog posts and trying to help us better understand his situation with case studies!

Gabe’s Case study

A-Kid in Ghana


Akid spent the summer of 2012 in Ghana, part of the Governance and Rural Infrastructure team in the district Nanumba South, capital city Wulensi. He’s shown us Ghana from his point of view in the form of blog posts.

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