Introducing to you University of Toronto’s Engineers Without Borders Executive Team


Chapter President

  • Stephanie Marton

Administration Team

Vice-President Operations

  • Tina AitChellouche

Vice-President Marketing

  • Young Kim
  • Graphics Director – Irene Lee
  • Promotion & Social Media Lead – Riya Razdan

Vice-President Finance

  • Rhamel Roomes-Delpeache

Vice-President Outreach

  • Morris Huang
  • Taylor Peters

Member Development

Vice-President Learning

  •  Molly McGrail
  • Craig Gauder

Vice-President Conference

  •  Stephan Canagasurium

Vice-President Social

  • Jon Adams
  • YiFei Tang

Return Junior Fellows

  • Lia Codrington

Portfolio Leads

Political Advocacy

  • David Boroto

Global Engineering

  • Jacquie Fleisig
  • Helen Wang

Food Mappings

Youth Engagement

  • Litong Zheng
  • Hassan Ali


Project Leads

Indigenous Allyship 

  • Lia Codrington

Local Poverty Alleviation 

  • Rachel Wong
  • Adam El-Masri



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